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Created by Dr. Masaru Emoto, an Internationally renowned Japanese researcher, Hado therapy is getting popular and helping many people to have a better life, body mind…all over the world.  
What is Hado?
In Japanese, Hado means or wave fluctuation. In the book The Hidden Message in Water, Dr.Emoto used Hado to mean all the subtle energy that existed in the universe. This energy could be positive or negative and is transmitted from one existing form to another easily. Hado the vibrating patterns that are present within the minute atomic level of all matter, which happens to be the absolute smallest measurable unit of life, and its basis within the energy of the human consciousness. In other words, each subatomic particle has an intrinsic vibration. Also referred to as “photon,” Hado is defined as particles of light originating from a higher dimension along with the help of invisible magneto-electric waves. 

Why need Hado Therapy?

Hado therapy helps us always keep our thoughts positive to have a better quality health and life, helps us cancel any negative energy from subatomic-particle level to prevent all kind of disease and also helps control existing disease.

The fundamental principle of Hado therapy is vibration and resonance.

Everything with life encompasses its own Hado energy, and two things will resonate with each other if they have the same frequency. Our mind and body affected by intrinsic vibration, the human resonates with, and our mind and body also attract things, both positive and negative which Hado is resonated by.

That is the resonance phenomenon. Positive Hado good Hado illness and negativity such as Stress and the Hado of negativity will result.

In his book <<Healing and Recover>>, Dr. David R. Hawkins demonstrated Map of The scale of Consciousness, which explains the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, and why we need to keep positive thoughts. The Hado therapy can help us keep thought to improve our self-healing progress.

In addition, a human body has many organs, which are made of cells, cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of subatomic particles. All the subatomic particles have their intrinsic Hado. Everything will be fine when their vibrations are normal, but when something happens to disturb the vibration at this subatomic level, an abnormality can occur, even though we may not feel any discomfort.

As time goes, the number of subatomic particles with abnormal vibration may increase, that will result in disturbing the intrinsic vibrations at the atomic level, then molecule level, cellular level. At this point, we start to have some symptoms, such as tiredness, body temperature or pain. The Hado therapy could help through the negative energy, layer by layer, to help restore health.

Why choose water we said at the beginning, Hado exists in all things and all matter, why we choose water for this therapy? It is because:

a. The essence egg is 96% water, a baby is 80% water at birth, and each of us about 70% when er reach adulthood. Our consciousness changes in our bodies, then our body and mind will be affected by those that intrinsic vibration we resonate with. Positive emotions good health but negative emotion problems.

b. Water has memory This was proved by French Scientist Jacques Benveniste, who undertook an experiment to test the basic principles of homeopathy. He diluted a medicine with water to the point where the medicine was no longer detectable by clinical means, and he discovered that this dilution had the same effect on patients as the undiluted medicine. The results were published by British scientific journey in Nature-June 1998 researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto experimented with his belief that water could understand words, music pictures. His team froze some pure water that was shown with different words, then took them out to take water-crystal pictures. The water that was shown with positive messages, beautiful music and pictures formed beautiful crystals while those that with negative connotations did not form such crystals or even crystals at all.   

c. Water can send
Dr. Luc Montagnier, received (jointly) the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008, because of his work discovering the HIV ( AIDS) virus, who suggested that
the information of DNA can be transferred to water as electromagnetic signals information DNA, transferred to water this way, can be re-materialized.  From this, it is suggested that the HADO Counselling with HADO water is genuine. 

d. Water is capable of carrying Hado to the inside of minuscule subatomic
Water, and therefore Hado water which, as we have noted forms 70% of our bodies is capable of carrying Hado to the inside of minuscule subatomic particles, whereas the drugs used in Western medicine reach only the cellular level that causes the This is the superiority of Hado therapy. 

Every single cell present within the human body has what is called the mitochondria, which has been likened to the battery or power of the cell itself. By receiving the energy from the Hado water, the cells are then enough to heal themselves.

Suitable people
Hado water can be used as medicine for those who have physical or mental problems such as personal difficulties in their life or want to make their life better.  

the individual's Hado with a Hado measuring device, which could detect the disturbed vibration. The device will then transfer Hado information into some pure/spring water according to the vibration measurement results by the device. After drinking this unique Hado water, the water penetrates into the molecules, atoms make up the person's body and the disturbance of the vibration. This is how the Hado therapy will work.  

How will Hado therapy Put one hand or a profile picture on the device to have the Hado Water code imprinting.d. Drink the Hado water for 30 days. 

[1],[2]The True Power of Water, Masaru Emoto, 2005 by Beyond Words Publishing.

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